McDonald's becomes Macca's

How does America's largest restaurant chain find relevance on Australia's national day? 

We thought why not celebrate the fact that Australian's are the only people in the world that call McDonald's 'Macca's', by renaming stores right across the country.


2014 Cannes Lions

Creative Effectiveness.

2013 Cannes Lions. 

Gold - Media.
Silver - Media.
Bronze - Promo and Activation.

2013 Spikes Asia.

Gold - PR
Silver - PR
2 x Silver - Media
Silver - Promo and Activation
Bronze - Promo and Activation

No 1. in Creativity's Top 5 of the week 

With over 11 Billion PR impressions it became one of the most successful PR ideas of all time.

Advertising Age - Favourite McDonald's Campaigns