audi social

I've been Creative Director for Audi social media since working on and winning the pitch in 2014. In this time we have:

  • Increased the Audi Instagram following from 1.2M to over 11M
  • Built a national photographer network enabling us to capture content in multiple places at once often at short notice
  • Adopted new channels and technologies where relevant
  • Made a lot of stuff - very quickly

A few favourites:



Every brand vies for attention on Halloween, often resorting to ridiculous stunts and gimmicks.

To cut through the noise, we needed to do something guaranteed to put the spotlight on Audi — like relocate Audi social media to the one place on Earth most appropriate for Halloween.


Shooting at Bran Castle, Sighișoara (birthplace of Vlad the impaler) and the legendary Transfăgărășan we captured an authentically creepy halloween. We even had time to do some light painting using burning torches. 


2018 Graphis awards

Gold - Automotive.
Silver - Automotive.


send nudes

Bizarrely, internet trolls asked us, a German luxury automotive brand, to "send nudes."

So we did.



On December 14, 2016, Instagram launched their "bookmarks" feature that allows you to save your favorite posts in a separate section of the app.8 hours later, we used that new functionality to build and launch the first-ever Instagram puzzle. 

We posted 9 pieces of an Audi R8 image in random order on the Audi USA Instagram page. Copy on the images prompted our followers to bookmark each photo to solve the puzzle. If bookmarked in the correct order, the solved puzzle shows up in the user's "saved" tab on their own profile.

3,200 people solved the puzzle and sent us a screenshot in the first 12 hours. 13 people solved it in the first 20 seconds.


Fan inspired

We worked with renowned car designer and artist Camilo Pardo to surprise some of our fans by turning their posts into fine art.



What, you're still shooting cars with cameras?!??!!